Friday, May 4, 2012

Yet another reason I'm going to homeschool...

Bullies.  I am going to make sure my son knows that he's allowed to defend himself, no matter what school policy states.  Same with my daughter.  I will not have this happen to my kids, and would be not just suing the school but pressing charges against all involved--students that perpetrated the attack and teachers/administrators that allowed it to happen, alike.


  1. My 4 month old nephew's first day of school!

    Beats the hell out of public day care or home schooling!

    Teachers enjoy.......

  2. Sounds like fun... We need to find something for the imp to do to get around other little kids his age. He's starting to be interested in playing with others--as long as they're not his baby sister.

  3. I can imagine Progeny telling some bully what she learns in Homeschool P.E.

    "Modern Army Combatives"

    1. When the imp gets a little bigger, I'm going to start him in some kind of martial art--there's studios for so many kinds around here that it's unreal.

      Hopefully, it'll help him with his coordination when he hits his adolescent growth spurt.