Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sure. Edit the item.

So, a bunch of my students have complained that they can't see the quiz for the week 1 work in Blackboard.  It's marked "unavailable."  I'd already tried to make it available.  It didn't let me.  They're really serious about making me a grader.

I got an email a bit ago from one of the shitheads individuals in charge of Distance Learning, a bit ago, informing me that several students had complained to them that they couldn't find the quiz.  It told me that the quiz was unavailable to students, and I needed to edit it to make it available. 

Sure, bitch.  As soon as I'm a teacher again, I'll be willing to be a teacher.  Right now, with the piece of shit sandwich you've handed me, I am not a teacher.  The only thing I can change is posting announcements, and changing scores in the grade book. 

In the mean time, do it your own fucking self.

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