Friday, January 11, 2013

FFOT: illness

My day started out awful, and went downhill from there.  I woke up a little queasy.  Then had to spank the imp for getting into stuff he wasn't supposed to be into.  I figured that being short on sleep plus being stressed was why I was feeling sick (it's a normal thing for me, in those circumstances).

I was wrong.  We took the kids to my mom's, and I started feeling worse.  It got worse when we left the kids there and headed to a nearby town where Odysseus had seen something we'd been lusting over for a reasonable price (pictures will follow--just not until we've recovered). 

When we got home after picking the kids back up, I had to run for the bathroom.  Sick doesn't even start to describe it.  Then, Odysseus got into the act.  He still watched the kids in their bath, but wasn't feeling good at all (though, not as bad at that stage as I felt). 

Then the pixie pooped in the tub, which triggered the imp's beginning to projectile vomit about once every thirty minutes. 

I'm only just now feeling better after about four or so hours of purging.  Odysseus is a couple hours behind me, and the imp is about a half an hour behind him. 

It's now ten p.m., and the imp can't go to sleep despite being exhausted, because he's still regularly throwing up. 

It's now ten p.m., and I can only just now sit up to write the FFOT. 

Stomach viruses can fuck off.  Especially when they pound the whole family at once.


  1. Yuck. Being sick is never good, and everyone all at once is worse. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. Norovirus can most definitely FTFO.

    I didn't really believe that "projectile vomiting" was a thing, until I HAD norovirus five or six years ago. I hope I never get that sick again.

  3. Thanks, guys. We're feeling better--most of the symptoms have stopped--but the imp's tummy is still sensitive, and we're all still very weak.

    We sent the pixie to stay overnight with Grandma and Grandpa for the first time.