Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yep. Wheels. Off of two corners, now.

So, I've been dealing with a sick pixie today.  I thought, early mid week last week, that she'd gotten into something she was allergic to...and then the imp came down with it on Saturday.  She had a cough that started out sounding dry, and now sounds...goopy.  I can't tell if she's bringing anything up, but it's really made her sore from near constant hacking.  And this morning, she was running a relatively high fever.

So...I called the doctor's office, and set up an appointment for 9:30 am  with the nurse practitioner tomorrow, while Odysseus was helping TinCan Assassin get his truck into the shop.  When he got home, and I let him know what was going on, he told me to call back to get the 2:30 appointment with the doctor for today. 

Long story short, the doc said her lungs sounded congested, and sent us for x-rays.  Doc isn't sure if the pixie has bronchitis or pneumonia. 

And...just as we were walking out the door, we got a call from the private school.  They want to do a second, more detailed assessment with the imp.  I'm going to work on getting him to practice with his pencil some more after supper.  And I'm going to need to drink quite a lot tomorrow, because I'm going to start working on teaching him how to hop on one foot and skip--which, ironically, Odysseus didn't learn until first, and I didn't learn until nearly second grade.  I'm going to need the alcohol because I'm going to be in some pretty severe pain with my joints after we're done.

The person they want to do the assessment works with parents as teachers for the area (an idea doomed to failure, with my son's personality type), and they called me to ask permission to do this, and to give this person my phone number. 

I'm going to be working with the imp on stuff up to whenever this person sets the assessment.  I'm going to make damn sure he understands that this is his very...last...chance... to go to school with other kids, and with teachers other than Mommy and Daddy. 

So, yeah. 

On the bright side, the doctor's office didn't try to file with our insurance and gave us the self-pay discount, and the radiologist's office is in our provider network (and praised the pixie's cooperativeness and good behavior to the sky.  And told me to pick out a piece of candy to take back to her).  So today's adventures cost us right around $83, rather than $135 for the doctor's visit alone (what we pay after the insurance has refused to pay them). 

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