Friday, May 16, 2014

Way to show some balls, man.

So, the father of a six-year-old girl who's been bullied all year by a five year old boy decides that he's unhappy with the way the school has ignored his complaints, and decides to take out a restraining order on the boy. 

A restraining order.  On a five year old

What kind of man does that, rather than speaking to the bully's parents? or teaching his daughter to kick the bully in the nuts, and then reward her with a family trip when the school suspends her?

This is so far beyond ball-less that I wonder if the little girl is actually his, because I wouldn't think he'd be capable of fathering a child in the first place.

Then again, my kids won't go to public school in the first place.  And if they get suspended from their private school for standing up to bullies, then I'm damn sure going to request a return of what tuition is left, and homeschool them from that point on. 

And I will continue teaching them to stand up to bullying.


  1. People today are taught, from a very early age, that they should never take action to address their own problems. The proper response is to go to government and let government in whatever form take care of your problem. One of the reasons I quit teaching was not wanting to be part of a system that inculcates people with "good drone syndrome" from the earliest age.

    1. I'm trying very hard to teach problem solving and independence to my children. This whole "something's wrong; somebody needs to fix it," attitude is the reason people are calling 911 because McDonald's got their order wrong.