Saturday, May 3, 2014

These are the reasons my family will always be hard-up.

My aunt--the only one who works--recently retired from a decently good job.  She retired because she hated it, because she "could," and because she has no ability to predict the consequences of her actions. 

She has a 401(k) with a few thousand in it.  Only a few thousand.  She's using that money to pay off her debts.  She plans to live on Social Security.  She has no idea what she's gotten herself in for. 

I tried telling her that she wasn't in any kind of shape not to retire, but what do I know?  She was, after all, one of the ones that changed my diapers and taught me to read.  Therefore, she knows more than me, and will always know better than me. 

She's going to lose the family place within five years, and thank goodness.  That place has been nothing but a curse for as long as I can remember.

My mother has about four dozen vinyl records, and no working record player.  She wants me to take her records to the university library, and turn the music on them into MP3s.  I came up with an idea with my sister, that we would buy a USB turntable for Mom for Mother's Day, and help her put everything on her computer as MP3s, burn CDs, and maybe do the same for the rest of the family.

She decided she wants to get her hair done, instead. 

I did say something--I don't waste much money on things that will only last a month or two*--but she shrugged, and said, "A perm will last me for almost a year." 

Yes, but...the turntable will last longer, and be a hell of a lot more useful. 

And she still wants the perm. 

I am fucking tired of trying to reason with my family.  And I will not ever be giving any more than a $5-15 Walmart gift card for a gift again.  No going in with my sister to pay for something useful and nice, since the money will just be wasted for stupid shit that isn't worth it. 

I certainly will not be enabling this kind of stupid behavior from my family again.

*I haven't been to get a haircut in three years.  Getting dead ends taken off isn't worth $15.  I have never gotten my hair dyed professionally--spending $8 and doing it myself is more sensible.  My kids have never and will never get to have a birthday party for all of their friends at a laser tag park or at Chucky Cheeze--it's a waste of money. 


  1. We've all got em... sigh...

    1. I have tried and tried to help them, but...yeah, that doesn't work. And I'm tired of sinking my money into a family that makes more taking Disability than my husband and I do working, don't pay taxes on it, and never have enough.

  2. "has no ability to predict the consequences of her actions"

    Got a few relatives that suffer from the same mental disorder.

    Got a sister-in-law that was homeless awhile back that just bought herself a new SUV with nothing down,,,,super fucking genius, right?

    And, let's not forget all those retards that voted Obama twice.


    1. Yeah, that would be my whole family. On both sides. I think I have one older brother who's done well, and it's because he can and does plan ahead.

  3. I've come to this conclusion with my own family. After giving money and such here and there for years, I finally committed the sin of asking "When are y'all going to pay your own way?". I've been persona non grata ever since.

    1. I've decided that they can deal with a ten dollar Walmart gift card for any future occasion. I'm done trying to give them nice, long-term useful things. And I'm done trying to talk them out of their dumb decisions.