Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feedback from yesterday

The imp had a second kindergarten screening yesterday...where he proceeded to do better on some of the things he hadn't done, refused to try to draw something that looked too complicated, and then fully refused to do a lot of the things he'd done well on the previous attempt. 

The screeners noted that he hadn't looked at the tasks he was working on, most of the time.  He watched them

And, now that that's been brought to my attention, I've noticed he does the same thing at home.  In putting on his socks and shoes this morning, he looked at us, ignoring several directives to watch what he was doing. 

I don't know what to make of this.  I've done some research, but I'm not finding anything about this anywhere, not through a general search, and not through a search through the campus library databases (which include databases for education, educational difficulties, psychological disorders, and learning disorders). 

Do any of the parents out there have any idea what's going on? 


  1. Boo does that too when he knows there's pressure, like tieing his shoes in the morning. All we can do is remind him to watch what he's doing.

    1. The problem is that my imp doesn't pay attention to such directives unless you flip his ear or forehead.