Friday, May 9, 2014

Probably a contributing factor to yesterday's performance

My son is left handed, and not very good at holding the pencil without his Grotto grip.  None of the pencils had grips.  And I don't know which hand he was using, and often won't use his left hand without being prompted because he sees everyone around him using their right hand. 


  1. You've most likely thought of this, but is there a way to convince your son-am I correct in the thought you're referring to the imp?-that he doesn't or shouldn't copy everyone else? Like Matt commented in the other post, I don't have kids, but do have some experience with them due to an extended family and Lots of questions about what do I do. Precociousness can be irritatingly amusing sometimes :)

    1. When he doesn't know how to do something, or isn't positive he knows, he watches the people he knows can do it, and copies them. He doesn't ask for help, and he refuses to let me teach him how to do things. He's smart, and he's adorable, but he's also infuriating.