Thursday, May 8, 2014

More consequences

We're working with the imp on fine motor control.  I've let him get away with the whole not wanting to let Mommy teach him things up to now, but...yeah, the school wasn't pleased with his lack of it. 

So, we're drawing lines.  Vertical lines only, because he's prone to drawing circles if he tries to draw any shape at all.  So...lines.  He's showed me he can do them.  And he's also showed me that he won't.  Won't do it right, won't do it consistently.  Not can't, won't.

So.  Consequences. 

He gets warnings.  And then he gets sent to his room by himself.  Called out, and put back to it.  And he'll do one.  Maybe two.  And then he'll start farting around again.  And faces the consequences.

I have clearly explained that, if he doesn't do what I know he can do, and do it right (which I also know he can do), he will get sent to his room.  And if he does do it, and do it right, he gets to do something he's been begging to do for days, but hasn't been permitted to do:  he can play with his InnoTab. 

He has to learn to follow instructions.  He has to learn to put in effort to do what needs done, whether he wants to do it or not.  He has to learn that it doesn't matter if something is boring, he has to do it anyway.

Because the consequences of not learning to do that will prevent him from doing anything he really wants to do in life. 

I can't fail him like that. 


  1. We've been doing the same thing with Boo. Lots of X's, vertical and horizontal lines. The school he's at uses "Handwriting Without Tears", which seems to work pretty well.

    1. I noticed, just after having written this, that he was using his right hand. And with small, fine control things, he's a lefty. He's on to letters, now, and I'm very proud of him.