Saturday, September 27, 2008

A couple of giggles for a gloomy world

I was surfing around on the internet, and came across a really ironically funny story on FoxNews:

Besides the pun (exposed as pole dancer? Well, duh--they're strippers!), I cracked up when I saw the headline. Talk about your preacher's daughter gone wrong! I had to click on it to get the whole story (and make sure the girl was still alive). She admitted to the reporters that she chose to do what she does out of rebellion against her father's beliefs.

Her father's reaction? Typical preacher. He says that her actions are between her and God, and that she will have to face up to them on judgement day. He said that God will forgive her anything except turning from Islam.

So, she is still alive, for now. I wouldn't put it past her father to initiate an "honor killing" if she converts to a different religion, though.

The second headline that made me chuckle was from Drudge:

It's about time somebody took exception to what this slimy, lying, traitorous creep said about our Marines in 2006. The timing really makes it better, though: he's being sued for slander, by one of the Marines that served at Haditha during the incident that Murtha said was murder "in cold blood" six weeks before he's up for re-election.

Would that all politicians who publicly slime our military had to face the very ones they'd slimed in a court of law. I'd love to see a few more sued for slander--especially that close to election time.

Well, why not one more funny headline from FoxNews? This one's just hilarious, with no political or religious implications at all:

Apparently, Granpa had checked in with severe abdominal pains. He checked out with a prescription for pain meds and a startling diagnosis--thanks to a couple of wrong keystrokes in a busy hospital.

The story reminded me about the old joke about the nun who went to the doctor with the hiccups, and I had to giggle.


  1. Laughter is great for the soul. Loved one about the Muslim Cleric's Daughter. Wonder if he is getting pressure for his followers to do something about his daughter.

    Can't wait to see how the Murtha suet turns out. Go Marines.

    Now in regard to Grandpa who is pregant, hum. Yeah, makes you wonder about the clerics behind the keyboard. Could have been worse, they could have taken him up to Labor and Delivery.

  2. Yeah, sometimes you gotta laugh or you're gonna cry. I thought these stories were at least good for a giggle.

    I wish that Kerry would be sued by a Vietnam vet for slander!