Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My writers' block seems to have resolved itself.  I sat down night before last and wrote a 2,000 word story in about an hour.  I was right in my speculation about what was wrong--I was trying to force the story in the wrong direction.  Athena didn't want to sit through a graduation ceremony and watch the stupid college kids playing with their smartphones instead of paying attention to the speaker. 

I've got three or four more stories planned in the first draft of the anthology with the Greek gods.  I'm considering blending it with the anthology I'm planning to write with the Norse gods--kind of depends if I think it will blend well, and if it would be too long or not if I do.  Right now, the Greek anthology looks to be somewhere around 60,000 words or so, total.  I have no idea what the Norse one will look like. 

After I finish this collection, I'll start on the next closest to finish--my take on the Arthurian legends. 

It feels so good to be writing again.  Not being able to get the stories out feels...well, kind of like being mentally constipated.

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