Monday, March 26, 2012

Amen to that.

I've waited to weigh in on the Zimmerman/Martin thing, mostly because the first reports made it seem like cold-blooded, race-motivated murder, perpetrated by a CCW permit holder.  

Yet the cops didn't make an arrest, and the DA didn't charge.  As a CCW holder myself, that made me suspicious.  Most people in law enforcement hold us to a higher standard than they do people who do not have a concealed carry permit.  We are told--repeatedly and loudly--that we must deescalate potential conflicts, that we cannot take offense at things like we would like to, that we should not engage in arguments, because if we argue, and then someone pulls a knife, we may be justified in drawing a gun, but we're also possibly open to charges of manslaughter for inciting a fight that we end with a kill.

Was Zimmerman stupid for following a suspicious black kid after the 911 dispatcher told him not to?  Yes.  Was he even more stupid for getting out of his vehicle because he couldn't see the kid anymore?  Absolutely.  Does that take away his right to defend himself from a younger, fitter, larger, stronger, and more aggressive adversary, one that already had him down and beating him?

No.  He's going to regret his stupid decisions for the rest of his life, but he had every right to defend his life with deadly force.

So why all the frothing at the mouth?

I can see a few reasons: first, Zimmerman was portrayed as a mall-ninja cop wannabe, just waiting for his chance to kill a bad guy, rather than a concerned individual on a neighborhood watch that just happened to have a concealed carry permit.  And they're trying to paint us all with the same brush.

Second, Zimmerman was portrayed as a white man shooting a little black boy.  This could be used to flog the racial tension up to the flash over point (as it has--the New Black Panthers have put a bounty on Zimmerman).

Unfortunately for the mainstream media outlets spinning the story to try to create a crisis for our less-than-benevolent-overseers to take advantage of, we are no longer limited to the information they distort and try to spoon feed us.  We have access to, and the ability to use, the internet to find the actual facts the mainstream media try so hard to bury. 

However, there is still a preponderance of idiots that buy what the media is selling, and get outraged about it.  And that permits race baiters like the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and the Reverend Al Sharpster--er, Sharpton (sorry about that), to whip up their extralegal supporters into placing a bounty on the head of an American citizen.

That is not a good precedent.  Especially if someone takes them up on that bounty, and gets a slap on the wrist.

So, what do we do?  Simple.  Reply in kind.  An Ordinary American proposes that
a bounty be put on the head of every single active member of the New Black Panthers. And if a member of the black community itself turns one of these racist alpha-hotels in, then I propose the reward be tripled.

Never forget that such groups like the New Black Panthers, the Ku Klux Klowns, Aryan Nazikooks and other race-baiting hate-groups exist to divide--not unite.
I think he is spot on in what should be done, and why.  What he did not explicitly state, but is implicit in the proposal, is that this is spawned and reinforced by tribalism, and by the predator/prey mentality that understands nothing but retaliation in kind, with enough escalation to discourage future stupidity, as well as cash incentives to break free from that tribal mentality.


  1. A very tragic story, indeed.

    What's the truth?

    There is only ONE WITNESS alive.

    My blog thoughts....

    1. And the media hasn't helped that at all.