Thursday, March 8, 2012

Herding cats...

The pixie has been a right pain, today--rebellious, and insistent on getting into things she knows she's not supposed to be getting into.  She's also been pushing her brother around, then crying the second it looks like he's going to try to retaliate, so that she can get him into trouble (caught her doing it--she didn't get away with it).  That doesn't count the temper tantrums when she can tell she's not going to get her way, or when Mommy picks up the laptop because the baby girl is across the room and playing with one of her baby dolls.  And she's down to one nap per day, now, unfortunately.  I can't wait for bedtime to just get her out of my hair for a while.

The imp has been a little whiny--then, after he ate lunch, he told me his tummy hurt.  And then gagged.  He didn't throw up, but it seemed like a near thing.  He felt a little warm, so I checked, and he is running a very low fever.  I'm hesitant to give him a fever reducer, because I don't want whatever is making him sick to linger longer than it has to.  It's been nearly impossible to keep him still and quiet--he's three, and even sick, he's so full of energy that it makes me tired to watch him.  It doesn't help that he's hungry, but is still so queasy that he doesn't want to eat.  I've gotten some canned pears, a little bit of peach yogurt, a few Cheese-Its, and a few Veggie Straws* down him, but other than that, he won't take anything but orange juice.  His bedtime is an hour after hers, and I sincerely look forward to then, too.

*I really recommend trying Veggie Straws if you haven't--they're no better than potato chips, nutritionally, but they're not as greasy, and they taste better than plain potato chips, in my opinion (and my kids').

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