Saturday, July 19, 2014

Random Ramblings

Ever get (and stay) so sick that it starts making you feel stupid because you can't even focus on what you're trying to read or write?  Yeah...that sucks. 

Especially when the kids are, for the most part, already over what made everybody sick, and are, once again, lively enough to be difficult to keep track of when I'm healthy.

Odysseus has a doc's appt. on Monday.  I've been putting off scheduling one for myself because one day, I'll feel terrible; the next, I'll be feeling better enough to be trying to do the things that NEED to be done in a household (i.e., dishes, feeding all of us, etc.); and the day after that, I'll be feeling terrible again.  And on, and on.  And on. 

But yeah, the kids are still hacking and coughing somewhat, but they're feeling a whole lot better, and aren't really congested much anymore. 

Cats have been clingy has been the happiest dog in the world, since we had that cool snap last week.  She's been outside ALL day, rather than getting dragged in over the hottest part of mid-day (at which point she's ready to come in...but forgets why within an hour, and wants back OUT).

I'm...stalled...on writing.  I know where I want the next chapter to go, but I look at the screen, and can't squeeze any words out.  And writing it long-hand, which usually helps, isn't too much better. 

That's pretty much it.  We've all been in various stages of sick since Tuesday.

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