Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Better day, today.

The imp's pre-kindergarten camp teacher gave the imp a package of fruit snacks yesterday that had red food coloring in them.  We took a box of his usual fruit snacks (Mott's Medley have no artificial colors or flavors) so that there'd be enough for him and the rest of the kids. 

The teacher was horrified nearly to tears when she found out this morning that red food coloring turns the imp into a monster.  She honestly hadn't known...not that I'd suspected she did that knowingly. 

So, today was a bit better...except for where homework was concerned.  He had letters to write...and two three letter words.  And it took Odysseus an hour between lunch and nap to do A and B...and me two hours to do C, D, and E, two copies of each of the two words, and one copy of his name. 

The kids have had their baths, and they're in bed.  Only just about fifteen minutes ago did the pixie actually fall asleep.  I'm beginning to wonder if her circadian rhythm is just that different from the imp's, who's always happy to go to bed at eight, and be up with the fucking sun, every fucking morning, because she will, at least, sleep until eight or half past in the mornings, now.

I actually accomplished a lot, today.  Odysseus took care of the laundry--it's fairly simple to do, and keeps him off of his feet, for the most part.  I, on the other hand, tackled the kitchen.  One cabinet has been rearranged, the counter top to the east of the sink has been cleared off and rearranged.  And then, later in the afternoon (after pixie woke up, and from just before the imp woke up to a little bit after), I did the other side of the counter, and started on the table.  That needs a bit more done, and then it's good. 

And then...we put out the bait gel and kill off the damn bugs.

Tomorrow's project?  The living room...which is in nowhere near as bad of shape.  I have managed to set and make stick a rule that toys go back into bedrooms immediately upon being put down.  I tried no toys in the living room at all, but that...just didn't seem right.  It is, after all, their home, too.

And then...we put out bait gel in the living room and kill the damn bugs in here, too.  And probably spray the Ortho stuff in here, tomorrow night after the kids go to bed and the cats get put back.


  1. Life is a constant struggle with the insect world. We had a snake get into the house recently, but fortunately the ferrets and the cat battled him until I could get a broom and put the snake outside. You never know what you will find on your living room floor these days.

    1. I wouldn't be bothered so much if the bugs weren't roaches...and spreading through the house from the initial incursion from the neighbor's house two houses down.

  2. It will be interesting to see if the Imp takes as long to do his assignments in school as he does at home. One of my sons took forever to do his math homework, but we always got glowing reports on his work ethic from his teachers.

    1. It was sent home because he didn't get it done. The teacher said he was flighty and hyper yesterday, and not inclined to focus. She said he's usually better about it.