Thursday, July 3, 2014

Long, busy day yesterday

Odysseus and I sent the kids up to spend the day at my mother's, yesterday.  We had things to do that we needed them out from under foot to do. 

First thing I did, while Odysseus was taking the kids up to my mother's, was put Advantix II on the dog.  I was expecting it to be more difficult than it was, but the dog is smart enough to realize that the fleas died back after the last time we put that stuff on her, and she just leaned into me and grunted.  She was very still, and a very good dog.

I also stripped the kids' beds and re-washed their bedding, because we didn't manage to get all of the fleas in their rooms.  I also found the source: their stuffed toys.  The imp has a huge collection of critters, and the pixie has critters and cloth-bodied, stuffed baby dolls. 

After that was other work--fun work.  We got a new magazine for a small, deep concealment gun, and needed to test that out (and Odysseus wanted some practice with his main carry piece, too).  I found out that a DAO trigger is not good for me.  I ended up, after five seven-round magazines, with the joint where my index finger meets my hand, swollen to the point where I couldn't close my hand, and was incredibly painful.  After that, I wasn't able to write.  Or type. 

So.  Good to know. 

Hopefully, I'll find something more interesting to write about than my day, later today.


  1. I'm noticing the same thing with my new Glock. I can shoot the CZ-82 or the 1911 all day and my hands aren't as sore as a couple of hours with the '17.