Thursday, July 10, 2014


We had a wonderful day--and Grandma and Grandpa have the kids tonight.

We gave each other gifts:



We went up to the other good-sized town in the area after we dropped off the kids and had lunch, then went to a prepper's store (didn't have what we wanted), and an military surplus store (found something we didn't know we needed--isn't that always the way, though).

And then, we came back and went to a bookstore--something that isn't easy with book-loving kids.  And a hobby store.  And a liquor store, where I found something I've been wanting: Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream

We ended up the day out at the place where we got married, and stood and watched the water (and water creatures, including at least one if not two otters) for a while.  It was lovely, and peaceful.  I wanna do it again, soon. 

Not the gifts (though Odysseus is just happy he's found a good go-to gift for when I can't think of anything I want, and he can't think of anything else to give me--Jinhao fountain pens are very nice, and affordable).  The afternoon with no kids to supervise (and yell at when they misbehave), and time spent with my best friend, and the other half of my soul. 


  1. It's good that you can still appreciate each other after ten years of marriage and kids. It's too easy to just fall into routine and take each other for granted.

    1. Routines are good. Routines let me deal and avoid debilitating panic attacks, or flashbacks to bad times.

      That said, I don't take my husband for granted. He really is my best friend, and we talk about anything and everything that catches our interest...and we're both intensely intellectually curious people, who do a lot of constant research and learning.

      We're also glad we found each other, because we're both sure we would have made anyone else intensely miserable.

  2. Congratulations. Irish Woman and I will be having our 10th anniversary this fall. How time flies.