Friday, July 4, 2014

FFOT: yet another list

  • Fleas.  Fleas can FTFO.  I am so done with flea season that it's not funny.  
  • Learning the hard way that I'm better off with SA handguns.  That can also fuck off.  The joint of my right index finger where it meets my hand still aches and is a bit stiff.  Meant that I didn't get any writing done yesterday.  Judging by how much it still aches, probably not much today, either.
  • Finding out how much it will cost to replace the small DAO deep concealment piece with something I can use can also FTFO.  That's around three times the cost
  • The children screaming about the Hobby Lobby decision can FTFO.  No one gets all of their needs provided for by someone else except children.  Wake the fuck up and smell the coffee, people: You are supposed to be adults.  Responsible for yourselves.  Sell your iPhone, shut off your cable, and stop eating out if you can't afford your birth control on your own!
  • Politicians can fuck off, just on general principals.


  1. Oh hells yes to the HL thing. I take a bunch of meds, some of them so I don't die of allergies, and I don't get any of them provided 100% free to me. It just seems strange that birth control should be "100% free" to women and lifesaving meds still have a co-pay, even for people lucky enough (like me) to have prescription coverage.

    I actually heard one woman say she was "terrified" to be a woman in the US right now. Uh, honey: have you ever been to Saudi Arabia? Or worse, Iran? Your hyperbole shows your ignorance. "Terrifying" to be a woman is a country where you have to be "chaperoned" by a male relative any time you're out of the house and have to cover your entire body whether you want to or not. Or terrifying to be a woman is like being a schoolgirl in the parts of Africa coming under AQ (in the name of Boko Haram) control, where you could be kidnapped and essentially made into a sex slave because you committed the "crime" of wanting an education....

    It really is childish to be screaming about some companies not giving the full panoply of birth control 100% free to their employees when situations like the child kidnapping and child sex trafficking exist in the world.