Thursday, July 31, 2014

Long couple of days...

So, yesterday sometime, Odysseus got sick.  Really sick.  Stomach virus sick.  And he didn't tell me until after we'd gone to Sam's Club, and after he'd assembled his new desk. 

He's spent most of yesterday late afternoon and evening in bed.  He's spent most of today in bed.  I've been running after hyper kids, dealing with fractious cats (one's a goober, and the other's been beating her up for it), trying to get caught up on housework I got behind in while I was sick for two full weeks, and running back to check on a sick hubby. 

I'm just about done for the day, and I'm not done for the day.

I've got another fifteen minutes before the kids go to bed, and then I've got more work in the kitchen to do. 

After that, I'm going to finish another chapter of my book, deal with feeding the pets and getting them ready for bed, and then I'm gonna hit the sack. 

I suppose I might not be as tired if I weren't a little anemic.  But...them's the breaks.  I'll deal.