Saturday, June 21, 2014

random ramblings

Starting Monday, the imp has a four-day pre-kindergarten camp to go to, for two hours per day.  Ten a.m. until noon.  He's looking forward to it very much.  I'm looking forward to his enjoyment of it very much. 

He had his first eye exam yesterday.  The doctor says he doesn't need glasses, and that he's a little far sighted (and then she tells me that all kids his age are, and that he's not as farsighted as she'd like to see).  She wants us back next year, and wants to dilate his eyes so that she can get a good look at them.  And if there's no change, we don't need to go back for three or four years. 

The pixie is now, officially, fully potty trained.  She's wearing underwear 24/7, and is now using the toilet instead of the potty chair (which was the hardest step for her--her little butt is so narrow that even the toddler seat on the toilet had her afraid she'd fall in).  No, she doesn't wipe herself, yet, but I'm sure that won't take as long as transitioning her from potty chair to toilet did. 

The cats didn't take long to forgive us.  We put topical flea meds on them Thursday afternoon, and then fed them canned food (which Shadow gorged on, then promptly threw up--usually, it's Cricket doing silly shit like that).  They had forgiven us by bedtime.

The dog didn't take even that long.

I'm down with a migraine, today.  Discovered that it was sneaking up on me when getting the kids some chocolate milk sent a spike of pain through me that didn't go away.  So, this is all for this week. 


  1. Hope you can get rid of the migraine sooner rather than later.

    1. It's not as bad today, so it'll probably fade this evening or tomorrow morning, if it follows the usual patterns.