Wednesday, June 18, 2014


So, last night TinCan Assassin came over for a promised biscuits and sausage gravy dinner, and he asked if he could pop in a movie.

The one he chose was kid friendly, with one scary spot, that the kids had never seen before.  The pixie was entranced.  The imp?  Didn't get to see it.  He could have, if he'd gotten his butt in gear and worked on his handwriting worksheet (which he could have had finished long before the movie started, if he'd only, y'know, worked on it).  And then, when he finally finished, he sat and watched a few minutes...then reached over and slapped his sister.  And missed the rest of the movie. 

I'll probably let them watch it again tomorrow.  After the imp does his second worksheet on letters. 

Today, however, we went to visit Odysseus's parents.  The kids slept most of the way home, and wanted supper immediately on walking in the door (at nearly five p.m.).  They can watch something shorter than the three hour movie that Uncle TCA watched with the pixie last night.  Because they're probably going to need to go to bed in half an hour or so.


  1. i DO NOT miss those days... Not at all... Hang in there!

    1. Which days? Trying to figure out if something's suitable for a small child to watch, or staying on a kid that's supposed to be doing homework? Or separating two (or more) that are fighting.