Saturday, June 14, 2014

Random Ramblings

TinCan Assassin truly needs prayer.  He's really hurting this weekend--tomorrow is Father's Day, and the day after is his little one's birthday...and the terms of the restraining order forbid him from wishing her a happy birthday.  No contact whatsoever permissible.

We took the imp and pixie to visit my mother, earlier this week.  They greatly enjoyed themselves, and we got my mom set up with a new computer--one that runs Windows 7.  So far, I've heard a few compliments, and a host of complaints, all followed by "But it's nowhere near as bad as [younger sister]'s Windows 8 computer!"

I stood both the kids up against the wall and made marks three months ago.  I did it again last week, and there was an inch difference between the marks made in March, and the ones I just made.  The imp is 47.5 inches tall, and the pixie is 39 inches tall. 

An inch in three months.  No wonder the pixie's dresses won't stay at her knees.  I need to take some time to practice sewing, so that I can attach eyelet ruffles to all of her dresses...and shorts.

In two weeks, the imp will be attending a four day two-hour day "camp" for incoming kindergarteners at the private school the two will be attending in the fall. Two or three weeks later, he'll be attending a second one.  There isn't one for the 3yo preschool, so I'll have to figure something for the pixie. 

And then, in the fall, the imp starts full-day kindergarten, and the pixie has a half-day, three days a week, while Odysseus and I are on campus for classes. 

The dog has been a much happier dog, the past couple of days.  The rain let up Thursday morning, so she spent all day Thursday and yesterday outside.  She'll be spending all day today outside, too--which makes for a much happier dog than being stuck inside does.

Cricket, our dumb black and white cat, managed to get lost in the hallway.  Twice.  In two days.  I seriously don't know how she does it.

Shadow, our smart black cat, has been in a hide-to-sleep mood, this week.  Three days ago, she decided that the perfect place to sleep was on the open-backed shelves that hold the TV, DVD player, Roku box, lamps, printer, and DVD collection, right behind the kids' DVDs.  And then, she decided she was done sleeping there, and pushed all the DVDs out, onto the floor, rather than getting out the same way she got in.

Kitty got thumped for that one--mostly because I was trying to get her to back up and stop shoving the DVDs out of the shelf.

I've got a chapter and a half written on Fire and Forge.   It's going to hold a lot of foreshadowing for the next book, and hopefully as much goofiness as there is discomfort for the characters.  There will also be redemption for some of the classic monsters from Greek mythology.

I'm starting to revise my short stories today, and will post one on the other blog, and enter the other in Baen's short story contest sometime next week. 

"Bar Tabs" will get one more once-over, and then I'll ask my cover artist if she can get something to me so that I can publish that one as Kindle-only, and put it up for free for a few days.  It fills in the background on who's who in the Modern Gods universe.

Pendragon Resurgent has moved nine more copies this month, so far.  And The Last Pendragon has sold one copy, which brings my total books sold up to ten.  Not too bad, for me, but nowhere near replacing my current salary.  I could raise the price, which would net me more per sale; however, that would more than likely reduce the number of sales I make. 


  1. Thoughts and prayers for TCA... Don't feel bad, I can't quit my day job either... sigh

    1. Once the other half finishes his accounting degree, gets CPA certified, and gets a better job, I may quit anyway. I do enjoy teaching, but I'd also like to be a housewife who can actually *keep* house, and writes on the side.

  2. I've just bought your "Survivors" (a cheapy) in addition to "Godshead". Haven't read either yet.