Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh, my son, my son.

Odysseus and I have been working on the imp, trying to teach him how to stay at a task.  I've been working on trying to wean him off of constant feedback.

We're doing this by having him work on learning to write his letters.  With the handwriting worksheet generator, we're having him do a worksheet of upper and lower case of a letter twice a day.  So far, he's worked his way through F.  Tomorrow, he does a review of the last three letters he's done, and does G. 

After he can do all of the letters on the worksheets, we'll move to doing them on a composition book designed for his age group.  And I'll try starting him on the Hooked on Phonics stuff again.  And maybe let him do some math to keep his interest up.

By the time he gets to kindergarten, I'm hoping he'll be reading a little.


  1. We're doing something similar with Boo. His school uses Handwriting Without Tears, and he's able to write the letters and numbers, albeit rather they're rather shaky. We're going to keep at it this summer with practice and writing games.

    As for reading, well, I'm continuing with Dr. Seuss and trying to help him learn to read the simpler books and stories he likes. His sister is reading him a young children's chapter book based on Star Wars, which he loves. Irish Woman has more patience than I do with helping him sound things out, so she's working with him on that. Hopefully he'll be able to read simple things by next year.

    1. I think Boo is a bit older than my imp. A few months, maybe. He entered kindergarten last year, right? The imp missed the cut off birthday date by about two months. I never went to kindergarten--my family walked me through the curriculum at home. Can you give me some idea of what to expect?