Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It has been a long, hard day of hard work.  I tried mopping the floor today, and found out that it wasn't coming clean.  I don't know what the fuck was going on, but there was dirt ground in in front of the fridge, sink, and stove.  And the linoleum is textured to kinda sorta follow the flagstone look of the pattern.

Keeps you from slipping and falling on your ass, but a complete and total pain to clean.

Anyhow, I pulled out my last double-sized Magic Eraser, and went over half the floor with it, getting the muck out of the crevices.  And then I mopped it with Pine Sol, then a clear water rinse.

Half.  The.  Floor.  The Magic Eraser is about half gone (or more), and we had to empty the buckets because the water was gray.

And then, I had to sit on the boy and force him to do his homework.

I am wiped out.

And I have it to do tomorrow on the other side of the kitchen.  Joy.

My arms are already complaining.  By the end of tomorrow, they'll be plotting to kill me.


  1. Ouch... Not fun but necessary...

    1. Yeah. I'd not been neglecting the mopping, however...yeah.

      And we have to move the table and the rest of the stuff to the other side of the kitchen (blocking the sink, incidentally), so that I can do the other half of the floor tomorrow.

  2. I'm about to give up on linoleum completely. The expense of putting in real tile will be worth it when I can just use a plain old scrub brush to make the floor look a little less gray.

    1. Oh, believe me--I'm tempted. But right now, we're busy trying to keep up with tuition to get Odysseus into a better job.