Tuesday, June 24, 2014


So, the imp brought home more homework.  Exactly the same as last night. 

He started it at around 4:00, and finished at 6:15.  Last night, it was 6:45. 

We'll see if he brings home the same thing tomorrow, and how long it takes him to do it. 


  1. I never gave my kids homework. Some of them had nobody at home to help them. What was the point of subjecting them to an ordeal working on things they couldn't do? I also felt mine worked hard enough in the classroom that I didn't need to burden them with additional stuff at home. My principal asked me why I didn't assign homework once, and I told her that if we had time at the school for "spirit assemblies", "fund raising assemblies", and all the other total B.S. they wasted time on, then we had time enough to get the stuff done in class.