Monday, December 3, 2012

Cheap bastards...

I mean, gun buyback programs that offer cash for guns are bad enough--they rarely hand over cash equal to the value of the gun.  And then they destroy the gun, no matter what it is, despite the funds that could be raised for the local police departments by selling the guns to those who are legal to own them. 

I guess the cash is better than just having the guns seized, like what the Brady bunch would really like to do.  It would still be better to pay fair market value, like the Constitution requires in cases of eminent domain.  I think the most I've ever heard of a gun buyback program offering is $200/gun--more than what a Hi-Point is worth, but far less than what a lot of collectibles and/or modern polymer pieces cost.  And most programs pay a bit less than that.

But really: a gift certificate for less than a hundred dollars, and a free flu shot that would cost very little at the county health department or $25 at Walgreens?  That's cheap. 

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