Saturday, December 10, 2011

Miscellaneous musings

I've gathered the equipment to start reloading, but since the kids still need constant supervision, I haven't got the time to start doing so. When I do have the time, I also have the space: a back room with a cement floor. All that would be needed would be to take out that cheap outdoor carpeting, and build a reloading bench.

Another thing I'd like to learn how to do (and have the equipment for when I can find the time to set it up) is sewing my own (and my kids') clothes. I plan to use the other end of the reloading bench for this.

I do wish the kids were big enough that they didn't need constant supervision, but I love that they're so small. I love cuddling with them, and reading to them. I really love it when they both climb into my lap, but I'm starting to not be able to hold them both like that. The boy is three and a half feet tall, and just around 30 pounds, and the bitty girl isn't so bitty anymore: she's about two and a half feet tall, and about 21 or 22 pounds. I am under 5' tall, so that's just not a lot of lap.

Do you know how hard it is to write, or knit, when you've got a small child (or two) hanging off of your elbow chanting "up! up!"? Makes me want to scream, sometimes (not at them, just in frustration).

I really hate the V-Tech noisy toys. The laptop, teaching top, and the turtle are incredibly obnoxious. I really hate that they were gifts from family. They're limited to the bathroom during potty training time, or the imp's bedroom.

I really hate that my rule of "Give my kids a noisy toy, and I'll give you a kitten/puppy/obnoxiously loud pet toy" hurts feelings. GET OVER YOURSELF. If it's not staying at your house, I'm the one that has to deal with it.

Grade blogs and post grades, and I'm done with classes until the third week of January.

Next direct deposit paycheck is just before Christmas. The one after that is the last working day of February--after six weeks of work. Four pay periods in five months sucks.


  1. Good job, "Mom"!

    Excellent way to raise kids--having (you an adult) with them all
    day long--beats the hell out of spending all day in a day care center, communicating with other kids!

    Not quite the same, but with 5 inside cats, my computer desk is right in the path from the cat's room to their food in the kitchen--they stop and visit on my desk and demand attention
    (right in the middle of writing this comment!)

  2. Thanks, OCM. My imp doesn't like other children that whine and/or throw fits. Best to keep him home until I can teach him patience with things he doesn't like.

    I currently have a cat under my right elbow, so I know what you mean. At least she's asleep, instead of nudging my hand for attention while I'm writing.

  3. .....nudging my hand for attention while I'm writing.......

    This is a 'trick' one of my cat's has mastered!