Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy birthday to my pretty little pixie.

From the first hour of her life, she's been a snuggle-bug. She loves to cuddle, and loves to play with people. She leads us over to unhappy, depressed, and lonely elderly people in public so that she can visit with them (climbs right up into laps, she does) and try to brighten their day.

I've never seen her fail to cheer someone up.

She's so very sweet tempered--she rarely fusses unless there's something wrong. She's always happy and smiling, especially when she's wearing pretty clothes and shoes.

She is such a girl...she's happiest wearing dresses, and her favorite toys are baby dolls. A close second are stuffed animals.

None of the pictures we took yesterday turned out very good--we're getting used to a new camera. Sorry about that. Here are a couple of her dressed up for Thanksgiving.

Can you tell she's teething?

Anticipating the flash, here.

She puts up a fight every time we take one of her dresses off her to get her into jammies, or get her into something that she can make a mess with for meals. Anytime we go to put pretty clothes on her, she coos and holds still or helps us dress her.

She and her brother are still absolute best friends. Yes, they're starting to fight a bit over toys, but they hate being separated when they're being disciplined for fighting.

I can't believe she's been in our lives for a year--it seems simultaneously nowhere near as long, and seems like she's always been here. I cannot imagine life without her, or her brother.


  1. Happy B-day to your daughter :)

  2. Thanks, Pissed. You should have seen her eating chocolate cake.

  3. Well, it's about time we've seen her photo!

    Yes, she is a cutey!

    How about a photo of her big brother too!

  4. Thanks, Andrew, OCM. I'll post more pics soon. Odysseus found one pretty good one from her birthday at her grandparents' and posted it on his blog.

  5. Little girls, they just melt your heart. She's a doll, and happy birthday.

  6. She is a doll, a very snuggly one. Thanks--I'll pass along your best wishes.