Friday, November 25, 2011

FFOT: Black Friday

Usually, I'd only post this over at The FFOT, but readership there is down, and this seems kind of like a vital service to my friends--providing a forum to vent frustrations before heading into the weekend--so I'm going to start posting here, too.

By the way: there will be much foul language in this post, and all others marked ffot. Just a friendly warning.

Black Friday hysteria can fuck right the fuck off. I don't think even the opening of fucking hunting season garners as much media hysteria as Black fucking Friday, the opening of Christmas Holiday Gift Giving Shopping Season. What kind of stupid fucking putzes fucking trample each other to be the first to buy that 55" flatscreen TV that's on sale for 2% off the regular price (after figuring for the stores carefully jacking up their prices weeks before so that they can hype that the thing is 40% off!!1!1!!)? And what kind of fucking jackals fucking set up fucking NEWS CAMERAS in fucking hopes of fucking catching footage of fucking twatwaffles worked up BY THE FUCKING MEDIA'S FUCKING OVERHYPING OF THE FUCKING SALES fucking TRAMPLING little old ladies and children?!

May whoever started that particular shit-ball rolling find their own special level of hell when they die, and find that their punishment is to be the door greeter at a big box store on Black Friday--for all eternity.

And if they're already dead, I'm sure they've been reincarnated as a dung-beetle by now.

The floor is yours: address whatever is frustrating you in the comments. Don't be shy about language. I won't be offended, and you'll feel better.


  1. OK.......(Watch out, Google may ban you!)

    I don't Xmas shop--I believe in Santa!


  2. The FFOT, as a blog, has been going for a few years, now--I think the problem you had is less with language and more with images that some would describe as pornographic.

  3. Pornographic?

    None of my images/photos have any sexual content or intent.

  4. OCM- Intent and reaction are two different things.

    People for Eating Tasty Animals(I'm pretty sure that's what PETA stands for) may intend to make a bold and artistic statement against the fur industry when they hold events with naked supermodels but most men react in a rather different manner.

    Freedom may be telling Mrs. Gurndy to go fly a kite, but if you have signed(or e-signed) something that says she can kick you out if she gets offended then it's time to break out the blue-bellybutton-mud(sorry for the gratuitous Heinlein references).

    Most likely though someone you pissed off online knows enough about how to file seemingly valid complaints with Google, and is harassing you by getting your blogs closed down from technicalities. I noticed that Track of the Cat got taken down AFTER you took the "I'm an adult" click-through page off.

    I'm assuming that you've checked out what you need to do to stay within the letter of the rules with Wordpress.

  5. Oh gads, I totally agree with you on Black Friday. Did it one year b/c there was something my dad wanted to get, never ever will do it again. I don't like people enough to be crammed that close to so many of them. And that was without being trampled or pepper-sprayed or any of that nonsense.

    In my bleaker moods I wonder if this is the future: increasing incivility to the point where you take your life in your hands to go grocery shopping.

  6. Yes, I did remove that dumbass warning---the warning kicks you into a 'porn' mode and I do not do porn!

    Per my history with google/blogspot, they can drop your blogs at a moments notice and you'll never know why---this is what they did to me.

  7. SITEGROUND is my service who happens to use a word press format.

    I have complete freedom...and again I do not do porn!!!!!!!!!

  8. OCM: frontal nudity = porn, to most people. Dumb, but true.

  9. Ricki, I totally missed your comment, earlier. I think you're right about the growing incivility, and I think that the rude s.o.b.s that trample old ladies and mace other shoppers are going to wind up physically threatening the wrong person in the wrong state.

    And then, the yobs will limit their bad behavior to states like Illinois that turn their sub--er, citizens into helpless targets by infringing on their God-given second amendment rights.