Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, yeah, that's a brilliant idea.

Because it worked so well for Canada.


  1. At the moment anyway, we should
    'repair' the worst parts of our
    current system(s)--staring from
    scratch is not rational and the cost is off my calulator!!

  2. Agreed. Though, honestly, I'm not sure insurance is the way to go...

    There's a doctor in my town that has his office out in the mall. He refuses all forms of insurance, including Medicaid. He has one nurse, and one receptionist that makes appointments and greets walk-ins. He charges $25 per visit, plus whatever tests he has to run that you agree to.

    There are other offices elsewhere in the country that run along similar lines. They keep their costs down by refusing to take insurance and pay several people to deal with the complicated paperwork (many doctors' offices I've dealt with have two or three billing people that work with insurance billing, and one that does nothing but Medicaid billing). And they pass that savings on to their patients.

    Yeah, it would put most of an industry out of business, but it would do a lot to fix the problem with a lack of affordable medical care.

    So would tort reform. My simple idea for that is that the loser has to pay court costs for the winner (i.e., if the lawsuit is frivolous, the plaintiff pays the defendant's bills. Which they caused).

  3. Preventative medicine is also a key to lowering costs--catch a problem before it erupts into a major problem.

    Preventative Clinics could in fact be run by Nurse Practioners, with a supervising MD that reviews
    the Practioners work on paper---

    Now a cost increaser is no-pre-existing clauses--this can be very expensive...

    Health care like all other business is run by capitalism.

  4. Y'know, I think between the two of us, we could fix the problem better than the twatwaffles in DC.

  5. Obama, congress critters, etc.
    are looking at Health Care as a political issue--at the kind of $$
    they make or are worth, personal
    health care affordability is not an issue!!

    WE (and millions of others) on the other hand , are concerned about the costs/affordability of our personal health care.......yes WE could do a better jpb!