Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pen post, lot #2, post 1 take 2

I found the camera earlier when I was retrieving something one of the cats knocked behind the end table.  Here's the Parker 45 I was talking about:

 Capped, with a writing sample.  As it says, it has a medium nib (in stainless steel, I'm pretty sure), and was inked with Parker Quink.

 The pen would probably be long enough to write comfortably with the cap laid off to the side, for those who prefer that, but it does post well, too.

Since it comes with the squeeze converter Parker used to make their pens with, whoever buys this on Amazon will be able to use bottled ink; however, since it's a removable converter, they don't have to--they could conceivably use Parker Quink cartridges.

It is a fairly nice pen, much nicer than the Vector that I used all through grad school and all the way up to...last July, when Odysseus got me a new fountain pen for our tenth anniversary.  The Vector still works, by the way--it's just too skinny for comfort when the weather's being normal Missouri weather.  The Parker 45 is likely as reliable, if not more so, since it is a nicer pen. 


  1. Nice looking pen. I like how it has some wear on the pen from use. The pen has a story.

    1. There is a little wear, yes, but not too much, and is most visible on the converter. It's a really nice pen. I've got a whole bunch more to show off. :)

      I think tomorrow's going to feature this neat little British fountain pen that has a broad, Italic nib, and the squeeze filler that I'm cleaning up tonight.