Thursday, November 30, 2017

Last paper...

On Tuesday, I picked up the last paper I will ever teach.  Or grade.  I'm working on grading them, now. 

Yesterday was an utter bust on the work front--I had a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning, and spent most of the rest of the day with Odysseus.  I really enjoyed most of that, but we wound up INCREDIBLY frustrated, at one point.  We had received the tax bills for the old house and for the cars, but not one for the new house (we don't do escrow for things like this or insurance--I'd rather that money sit  in savings while we're building it up and earn interest for us).  So, we went to the county seat to get it printed, because whether we're actually sent the tax bill or not, we're still responsible for it.

I am glad we did, and incredibly annoyed at our title place.  Either they or the assessor's office had screwed up, and we do not, at the moment, have clean title.  Probate paperwork wasn't filed, or was filed incorrectly, and our house was still in the previous owner's name (and she's been dead for three years). 

But yeah, between finding that out, running around trying to get things arranged with the doctor's office, finalize pixie birthday presents, grabbing some gluten-free things that are only carried by one store on the far side of town (diagonally) from my house, and doing a few other things, I got jack shit done where grading is concerned. 

Writing is another issue, and is done long-hand, while waiting for the doctor to actually poke her head in, spend three minutes talking to me about how my meds are working, and take off again because as one of THREE endos in the only office in the area, she's overbooked.  I just have to transcribe what I have scribbled.

My next several days are going to be eaten up with the last grading I will ever do, though.  I have two more class days next week, and last chance finals* during the week after.  Tuesday, 12/12, will see me turning in my last class's final grades. 

Until then, however...grading.

*My university's absolute SUPERgenius of a president had decreed that EVERY class MUST have something graded during the two hour block set aside for that class's finals (including choir).  I teach a skills class.  I do not teach a knowledge class.  But because the SUPERgenius has made an executive order, I HAVE to do something, and I set this up before I was fired, so it's unfair to change it now.  I set up that I will accept, by email attachment ONLY, during the two hour block set aside for THAT CLASS'S FINALS ONLY, any paper that didn't make the due date.  No revision allowed, but a 50% is better than a 0. 


  1. Helluva way to run a railroad... Hope you get the house sorted out soonest!

    1. From what we were told, it won't be a problem until it goes into probate upon our passing, since we are NOT planning on selling. Ever. Unless someone wants to develop, and offers an OBSCENE amount of money for it.