Friday, January 15, 2016


My thyroid can FTFO.  It quit working right after I had the imp (they promised me that I'd have my energy back by the time he was six months old.  They lied.  I still don't have it back).  It recently started acting out even worse.  So, the doc yanked me off my thyroid pill so they can run a specific test on me in a month.

And now, instead of taking one little dose of levothyroxine to feel halfway human, I'm taking four honkin' big herbal thyroid supplements to feel a third of the way to as good as I was feeling.  And I've only got one more week I can take that before I have to give it up, too.  Just so they can see what my thyroid does when it's been completely unsupported before being given a dose of radioactive iodine for a scan.

Yes, ladies and gents, I've been off the thyroid pill since Monday, and feel like a zombie where motivation, energy, and brainpower are concerned.

Don't count on seeing anything from me until this is resolved. 


  1. Just hang in there, and try to get some support from your family.

    My wife's been feeling better since she started taking the meds, and she goes back in a couple of weeks for some tests to check her levels and see how well the meds are working.

    1. I felt better, mentally, the afternoon after I took the first dose. It took a couple weeks to get the energy levels up, and mine never got to normal for me. I'll keep her in my prayers, that her results are better than mine were.

  2. Here's hoping the time flies and you can get the tests and better meds.