Thursday, November 6, 2014

Writing and listening

When I write, I listen to music.  What I listen to depends on what I'm writing.  I listened to a lot of Within Temptation and Metallica while I wrote the Legends books (Last Pendragon, and Pendragon Resurgent), and those with the addition of Korn and Manowar with the Modern Gods books.  With other stuff sprinkled in that suited the moods of the books. 

Detritus is...resistant to being written while I listen to that music.  I've found that our Amazon Prime membership has been incredibly helpful--I have access to things I don't own, like The Pretty Reckless's Going to Hell, which has fit the character and story perfectly.  Another band that suits is The Rolling Stones, but for that, I'm going to have to order a collection, since I can't afford to either go through and buy the albums with the songs I like, or go through and pick and choose individual songs at the prices they want. 

I've learned I write better and easier when I'm listening to the right music for what I'm working on.  If I don't have music, or don't have the right music, the words just don't want to come.  


  1. hmmm..... well just be careful to what you listen to. I made the mistake of listening to an 80's online station on Tuesday and of all the songs I heard, I keep hearing "If you're gonna do, it do it right, do it with me" by Wham ie George Michael.

    I'm still feeling nauseated from it and it won't go away not matter what I listen to..... help

    1. I'm picky about my music. I don't listen to the radio anymore, because there's some things that the stations play/DJs say that aren't appropriate for the kids to pick up.

      And there's the risk of George Michael/ABBA getting stuck in my head.