Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I like not having cable.

A while back, we cancelled our cable.  We got a Roku box, and hooked it up to make sure it worked, then dropped the cable (which had very little we cared to watch) in favor of Amazon Prime streaming video for TV series and movies, Crackle for movies, and YouTube for music. 

We were really happy with the Roku box for a while--about four months--and then...then, it started having issues.  First, it wouldn't log into the internet.  So, we unplugged it, and tried again.  It worked for a while. 

Now, it's not seeing the internet at all. 

I'm thinking about resetting it to factory specs, and re-entering everything, to see if that fixes the issue, since all of the other fixes aren't working anymore.  If it doesn't...yeah.  I'm thinking it's gonna be skeet. 

And we'll move to the Amazon Fire TV box. 


  1. We had Dish Network but got tired of the piss-poor service and high price, so we dropped Dish and bought a little Roku box. Our's works great, the only time we have any trouble is when our daughter is being a bandwidth hog in her room and Roku needs to buffer whatever we are watching. I'm never going back to Dish or the cable!


    1. I do like the Roku box...when it's working.

  2. Not sure how old your Roku box is (version-wise, that is) but I had a similar issue and needed to buy a newer box. So far so good. A complete re-boot often helps (call the Roku service department and they'll walk you through how to do it as the steps need a certain order....unplugging for xxx seconds, holding the reset button for xxx seconds, etc.)

    Barring that, if you have a laptop and an HDMI cable, hook the cable to your TV and watch Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. Not sure about Crackle.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Just try cycling the power on it. Unplug it for a minute or two, and then plug it back in.

    1. Did that. No joy. It worked the first time it futzed up, but not this time. Thanks, though.