Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yeah, right.

So, we recently got the kids a DVD copy of Mary Poppins.  They've watched it four times in the week we've had it.

And I?  I have been reminded of one of the songs I forgot.  And, while it didn't make an impression on me when I saw it as a child, it sets my teeth on edge now.

"Our daughters' daughters will adore us/And they'll sing in grateful chorus/Well done, Sister Suffragette."

I do not say well done.  I am in the fourth generation from the setting (early 1900s), and the work of the suffragettes has been twisted and perverted to the point that it actively harms women.  It goes without saying that modern feminism harms men and children--anyone with half a brain can see that.

Yes, I'm saying it: giving women the vote has led pretty much directly to the majority of the problems we're facing.  Most women are not capable of putting aside their own, immediate self-interest, and looking at long-term consequences facing the country of the decisions they make in the voting booth now.  Those wonderful promises of the government stepping up and giving them things?  Yeah, that's taking money out of their great-grandchildren's mouths.  That's taking jobs away from their grandchildren.  All to give them something now, something they'd likely have if they'd stayed of the cock carousel, and gotten married to a good man before having kids.

Oh, wait--I forgot.  Feminism doesn't believe that there's such a thing as a good man.  It's all about the woman, and how she feels now. Feminism doesn't seem to give a shit about the individual woman, only the money and the voting power that comes with identity politics.  Feminism caters to the spoiled child that even the best of us have to fight against, the one that wants what they want, right NOW, and damn the consequences.

This has led directly to the rise of the no-fault divorce, boys who aren't taught what it is to be a good man by their fathers (because Mama got a restraining order to get the most she could out of the divorce), and to the rise of the welfare/foodstamps/have another baby to get more class of losers who are hovering just barely below the number of productive, working Americans. 

Well done, Sister Suffragette. 

Would I give up my vote if we could reverse things?  In a heartbeat.   Would it fix things?  Probably not, or at least, not immediately.

But shit would stop getting so much worse so fast.


  1. Feminism has poisoned the well. Without it, women wouldn't be using the hard won right to vote so very poorly. Feminism makes people believe they are not at fault and don't deserve to suffer the consequences of their own decisions.

    1. What I'd like to see happen to voting is a return to only owners of real property permitted to vote.

      It would get rid of the self-interested twits voting for more slop in the trough, of all races, and both genders.