Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybe the damn horse isn't dead after all.

Once again, the White House has verbally castigated Russia as being "short sighted," this time, on the decision to recognize Ossetia and the other region. Verbal scolding is all fine and good, but, at this point, the Russians are starting to call our bluff: sending more missile boats to a second port in Georgia, not leaving the territories that they'd already taken, and ignoring NATO threats.

Our forces were notified by Georgian officials that Poti's harbor might be mined. We intended to move into Poti with aid, until we were notified that the harbor was mined. Granted, the ships we sent that were carrying the aid were warships (and Russia called us evil for using the best protected transportation for the humanitarian aid we've sent--that they've necessitated). Granted, that likely raised tensions, but Russia had no reason to send more missile boats to a non-disputed region. The only reason they're there is because we are.

Here's hoping that Russia doesn't see the West's Ukraine position as a "double-dog-dare-you" type situation.

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