Monday, February 12, 2018

I got yer dream right here.

Okay.  I am a parent.  I get the urge to do what it takes to offer your child a chance at a better life that what they'd face without your actions.  I get that there's no way a poor child in a third world shit hole will grow up to become anything other than a poor adult raising poor children in a third world shit hole. 

That said.  I do not have any sympathy, nor yet any inclination to make exceptions for adults that jump the border, jump the line, and break into my house and make themselves at home.  "But I've lived here twenty children know nothing else." 

Yeah.  Fucking tough.  Do it right, or get the fuck out. 

I do feel bad for the kids who were brought here as infants, and don't realize that the country they probably think of as their home isn't.  Not really.  Will I make exceptions for these kids?  Will I smile and nod, and be happy that my taxes go to pay for their college tuition when we have tuition to pay to give our kids a chance to make a good life? 

That said.  There are ways for these kids to become legal, naturalized citizens of this nation. 

They can enlist and serve.  Anyone who's willing to shed blood to protect the country they love, whether it's their legal place of residence, or where they've lived illegally (knowingly or not) all their lives?  I'm happy to stamp their paperwork and make them legal American citizens. 


  1. Replies
    1. And there's a student group on the campus where I used to teach that's more concerned about paying these criminals' tuition than their own. I'm GLAD I'm not teaching college anymore. The stupidity is reaching toxic levels.

  2. I live in an area with a huge number of Hispanics. This was not the situation 10 years ago, which leads me to believe many are here illegally. Considering the last administration, how local petrochemical new construction increased the demand for unskilled labor, and what I find is an unconscionable effort to enable illegals by multilingual accommodation, I'm probably right.

    I don't know if many of these people are DACA eligible. Really, I don't care. I've watched the abuse of public funds, lack of assimilation, disrespect for customs, and failure to obey laws. They've crapped in my nest, and it's time for them to go.

    1. Agreed. Those are not likely the type to be willing to serve and go for citizenship; those are the type that are proud to be from wherever they're from, and laughing at us for permitting them to break our laws with few or no consequences.