Monday, August 15, 2016

If wishes were fishes...

...we'd all cast nets.

I recently read that one study decided that non-Celiac gluten intolerance is a psycho-somatic thing.  That anyone who said they couldn't tolerate gluten-containing food couldn't tell the difference in gluten and gluten-free products. 

Lots of them can't. 

I'm not one of them.  I'm not gluten-intolerant.  I can eat rye just fine.  It's wheat that's the problem.  All stages and forms.

No, it doesn't cause a standard histamine allergic response.  If it did, I'd just take an antihistamine before eating whatever I wanted.   Instead, I have gut cramps that start within ten minutes of eating something with wheat grass or wheat flour.  Things like Gluten-Ease help some, but not me. 

I wish it were otherwise.

I miss pizza.  Real pizza, with real crust.  Tortillas.  I can do with or without bread, but the gluten free buns for hot dogs and hamburgers...they're awful, and fall apart with the application of any kind of condiment. 

Gluten free pizza...yeah, it exists.  Yeah, you can find some in some pizza places, but the frozen stuff is mostly just enough to be a disappointment.

Gluten-free tortillas are either horrible in texture, fall apart, or they just don't taste right. 

I wish it were psychosomatic.  The fact that I am willing to eat this stuff to not have to deal with the after-effects of eating the things I miss eating should prove that it's not.


  1. Speaking from experience, toasting gluten free bread helps it hold together better. Not sure why. It just does. I don't buy frozen pizza. I make my own with the Bob's Red Mill pizza dough mix. It is awesome. Also, if you have a Palio's Pizza near you...hands down the best GF pizza on the planet. Personally, I don't take much stock in studies. A lot of them do not take into consideration the full spectrum of reactions such as what you describe. I can tell when I've had too much gluten based on my skin. More blemishes = too much. I keep the gluten down and my skin clears up. Gluten intolerance, in my opinion, is a recent development caused by genetic manipulation of foods leading to a decrease in the body's ability to process certain things.

    1. Mine's less gluten intolerance, more allergy to wheat. We have a really awesome pizza place here in the area that does GF pizza, and it's really good. Unfortunately, the place is really pricy anyway, and the GF pizza even moreso.

      I've discovered the toasting thing. Doesn't keep it from disintegrating when things like mustard are added, unfortunately. However, one thing: if you have an Aldi's nearby, their Live G-Free bread is the most likely to hang together, and their tortillas are the closest to good I've found.